How to get financing in PC Componentes

How to get financing in PC Componentes

If you want to get financing in stores for your purchases in PCComponentes, discover the credit cards, mini-credits and personal loans that you have at your fingertips.

Credit cards to finance on PCComponents

To obtain financing in PCComponentes we can resort to the credit cards commercialized by the banking entities. These products can be a good way to finance our purchases in stores if we want to buy a mobile or a laptop:

Credit cards are a method of payment that allow us to obtain financing in stores so that we can pay at the time and postpone the refund . This is possible to do in two ways: by means of the monthly deferred payment with which we do not have to pay interest or through the fractionated payment with an interest rate of around 20% normally. In this last case, we have to establish monthly payments to amortize the used credit and also return the interest that is generated. This product is more suitable for purchases of items that do not exceed 500 euros. This is due to the fact that if we have to repay the money in installments, it is better that they do not lengthen too much in time, since it would generate more interest and be more expensive. Therefore, split a purchase for that amount is more affordable to pay in 2 installments than if it is one of 1,000 euros, since the monthly payments in the second case would probably be too high for our economy.

Mini-loans as a method of financing

Another way to get funding in PCComponentes is the quick mini-credits that are offered by private equity companies. This resource can be useful if we want to buy a product and we have a part of the money saved and we need to cover the rest . In this way, it is easier to comply with the single payment to be paid in a maximum of 30 days:

Resorting to mini-loans should not be seen as a normal way to obtain liquidity for our purchases. However, if we combine this financing with our savings , we can face the expenses without involving a risky event, because in this way we make sure that the fee to pay is not such a large amount. In addition, this allows us to divide the disbursement of the money in two installments: first in the purchase of the product and second, after about 30 days when we amortize the mini-credit. The cost of a mini loan is 1.1% daily, which means that for a loan of 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days we will have to pay 33 euros of interest, that is, a total amount owed of 133 euros. If we want to resort to this financing, we must always make our decision with a head, because if we ask for a mini-credit and we do not return it, the costs of late interest and other possible consequences may lead to unnecessary over-indebtedness.

Financing in PC Componentes with your personal loans

In addition to the financing methods we have just seen, PPComponentes has its own that is managed through the Cetelem lender. This company offers financing from 120 euros or with a minimum monthly payment of 12 euros per month.

Let’s see now what are the main characteristics and an example of this customized financing:

  • Deadlines between 3 and 60 months.
  • Minimum amount of 120 euros and minimum monthly fee of 12 euros.
  • The cost is 15% TIN (16.10% APR)
  • Without formalization commission.

With these characteristics, we will exemplify a loan of 500 euros in 48 months with an interest rate of 15% and an APR of 16.10%. The monthly payment would be 13.92 euros and the total amount owed of 668.16 euros .

We also have another possibility of financing on PCComponentes that may be interesting for us and is a promotion valid until June 30, 2017 . In this case we can finance our purchases at 0% APR from a minimum of 144 euros and within a period of 12 months. With this offer it is not necessary to face any type of interest or commission, so fractioning our purchases in the store would come at cost 0.

To access the PCComponentes financing we have to make the online purchase on a regular basis and choose the option to finance our purchases as a payment method. At that moment the process begins in which Cetelem intervenes and the entire process is online. In addition, we can formalize the contract by signing it digitally through a text message sent to us and finally, attach the documentation requested.

What documents do we have to present to finance our purchases?

When we want financing in PCComponentes we have to take into account what kind of documents all the profiles accepted by this company have to present. Cetelem, financial of this trade, accepts clients who are salaried workers, self-employed or pensioners . Each one must present specific papers that prove that the requirements of the company are met and are the following:

The documents common to all the profiles are the DNI or residence card and the bank documentation (copy of the first page of the Bank Book or a domiciled receipt in which the IBAN code can be seen). In addition, depending on the type of income of each one, we will have to present some papers and others:

  • Employees must submit a photocopy of the latest payroll.
  • The self-employed must send a photocopy of the last income statement.
  • Pensioners need to show the pension revaluation letter.

These are the papers that the lender will request according to our characteristics as a client. As we can see, it is easy to gather these characteristics and present these papers, in this way, we will not have to waste too much time on paperwork.

What kind of products can we finance in PC Componentes?

PCComponentes is a web portal that sells different types of technological products and where it is possible to place an order and bring it directly to your home. Some of the items that we can access are the following:

  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Televisions
  • Peripherals
  • Audio / Photo / Video
  • Tablets
  • Consoles

As we see, this type of technological products can have a very variable price range, so we can make purchases ranging from 5 euros to over 1,000 euros. Getting financing for our purchases can be a way to facilitate the acquisition and payment of these products and therefore, it is important that we select the method that best suits our needs.

Buy a laptop: Keys to consider before making the purchase

Keys to buying a laptop

Buy a laptop: Keys to consider before making the purchase

If you are thinking of buying a laptop and have already taken a first look at the market you will have verified that the existing offer is huge. Do not feel overwhelmed, then we will explain the most important factors to consider before buying a laptop.

Things you have to keep in mind when buying a laptop

  • The size The most common screen sizes of laptops are 11, 13, 15.6 and 17 inches. Logically, a larger screen, larger size and greater weight . Traditionally the 15.6-inch laptop has been the big sales success. However, more and more people are starting to opt for 13-inch laptops, as they are more comfortable to transport, very functional and perfectly perform their task.
  • The processor It is the engine of our laptop. Before it was a fundamental variable of purchase and err with a weak processor could mean that our laptop becomes obsolete in a very short time
    Today this is not so because modern processors are all very powerful , so unless we are addicted to video editing or use programs that require many resources, any processor that is marketed will be more than enough. The i3, i5 and i7 of Intel are the most popular, the latter being the most powerful of all.
  • The hard drive Photographs, documents, movies, music … We keep everything on the hard disk of our computer, so the bigger this one is, the better. However, file storage services in the cloud, such as Dropbox or Drive, can make the size of the hard drive not as important as it seems.
    All in all, most laptops sold today include 500GB or 1TB hard drives , which is more than enough for any average user. In addition, there is always the option to later expand the capacity of the laptop by mounting an SSD hard drive.
  • RAM memory It is a very important variable to take into account. Most mid-range laptops on the market include a 4GB RAM, which in principle may seem more than enough, but it is possible that we are running short in a short time and our laptop starts to run very slow.
    If we want our computer to be fluid for several years, we should not buy a computer with less than 8GB of RAM. The 16GB is also an interesting option , although more expensive, if we use photo or video editing programs or we are addicted to video games. The latter should also take into account the characteristics of the laptop’s graphics card .
  • Other aspects to consider . To make our purchase perfect we should also take into account other aspects, such as the durability of the battery (we should look for laptops that offer up to 10 hours of autonomy), the number of connections offered (for example, number of USB or HDMI ports) ), the quality of the trackpad or the resolution of the webcam it integrates.

Bike Beats Computer’s

44 percent of communion children who spend their money immediately buy a bicycle

Even after the white Sunday, there will be communions again this weekend. In addition to gifts of gifts to receive Communion children regularly on this occasion also money gifts: Almost every second child (48 percent) can look forward to more than 500 euros, as a forsa survey on behalf of CosmosDirekt now revealed. 1 If the money is spent immediately, 44 percent of it buys a bicycle. Thus, the good old bike in the favor of the Communion children in the first place and beats not only computers (28 percent) and game console (22 percent), but also toys (16 percent) .In addition to gift gifts receive Communion children regularly also money gifts. Nearly every second child (48 percent) can look forward to more than 500 euros, as a forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt revealed. If the money is spent immediately, 44 percent buy a bicycle. Thus, the good old bike in the favor of the Communion children in the first place and beats not only computers (28 percent) and game console (22 percent), but also toys (16 percent).

The money was spent immediately for:

A total of Communion * confirmation

Computer (eg laptop, tablet) and accessories




Smartphone, mobile phone








Clothes, shoes




Audio / Video (eg TV, digital camera, video camera, stereo, MP3 player)




Game console and accessories








Jewelry, accessories




Driving license, eg for moped / moped




  • Basis: Respondents whose children receive money for communion, confirmation or youth consecration and have spent the majority immediately
    Percentage greater than 100, as multiple answers possible
    *) Tendency information due to low number of cases; Jugendweihe due to very small number of cases not identifiable

  • Communion bike 94 KB

  • 1 Representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt. In March 2015, 768 parents were interviewed whose children had Communion, Confirmation or Jugendweihe in the last three years.

Social network services

A social network is a structure where a group of people can interconnect from anywhere in the world to communicate and share tastes and activities.

The amount of social networks increases over time, and is that each offers a set of services that facilitate the lives of users.

Social network services can be viewed in two ways: social network services integrated into platforms and social network services oriented to platforms.

Social network services provided by the social networks themselves

There are different types of social networks dedicated to different kinds of people, and which provide services that may be similar or very different. Among the most famous social networks that have been gaining importance over the years can be mentioned Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The most famous and visited are those that provide entertainment and communication services, with Facebook in the lead. Among the integrated services of this type of social networks are:

  • Publication of photos and videos.
  • Communication link in real time.
  • Ability to share stories and publications.
  • Entertainment applications.
  • Online games.

Social network services provided by other platforms

The other types of social network services are not provided by the same platforms in an integrated manner, but are offered by third-party platforms, with the aim of improving the social network experience in all its areas.

It is easier to see this type of services aimed at social networks of entertainment and advertising, as they allow us to highlight our presence in networks more easily.

Among these services we can highlight those provided by LosFamos, which is a platform that gives us the possibility to make us notice more through the other networks. Among the social networks services of LosFamos are:

  • Acquisition of followers.
  • Acquisition of reactions ( likes or “I like”).
  • Increase of reproductions of shared videos.

The integrity of these services has been the subject of debate, because many consider it cheating or foul play; but in reality it can be considered as a marketing strategy if these services are used for the popularization of a product or a virtual store.

Many of those who acquire these services do so because they want to be noticed quickly to sell their products or their brands, and there is no faster way than with these services. Trying to get noticed through the networks could take months, while the services offered by can be achieved in just weeks or even days.

It is totally legal to acquire this type of services, and it is safe to acquire them on the LosFamos platform. So, if you want to get out in the first rows of user searches, you could buy this type of services without thinking too much.

Save playing: gamification at the service of your economy

Image result for gamificationSave playing: gamification at the service of your economy

They say that to save, it is enough not to spend more than what is paid . The problem is that something as simple as adapting the level of expenses to your income ends up being a chimera for millions of people who can not save anything. To solve this problem, let’s play. Yes, you read correctly: let’s save playing .

When we convert an activity into a game with the aim of improving the results in it, we are practicing gamification . In other words, gamification consists of using mechanisms related to the environment of the games to increase motivation and achieve more positive results .

Although it seems convoluted, moving this concept to savings is very easy. There are several guidelines that you can adopt to save playing and in this way use gamification as a tool at the service of your domestic economy. Let’s see some examples.

Fun examples to save playing

1. Set simple goals.

Many people who want to save set goals like “I want to save 10,000 euros in two years” or “I want to save 200,000 euros for my retirement”. The problem is that these goals are difficult to quantify on a day-to-day basis. For example, to save 200,000 euros in 35 years, how much should you save each day? Or every week?

It is easier to set a simple goal that serves as an intermediate way to reach a much more complex goal. For example, “I will make a transfer of 15 euros each week to my savings account” . That would generate a saving of 780 euros per year. Or you can use the 52 week challenge to save almost 1,400 euros in the year.

With easy goals to quantify, motivation is greater, so saving is easier.

2. Reward your achievements.

Another option to increase your motivation by saving is to reward yourself when you achieve certain achievements . For example, “when I finish the 52-week challenge, I’ll go to a rural house with my partner for a weekend.” Or “when I save 2,000 euros I will buy those shoes that I like so much”.

Ideally, throughout the year you can enjoy at least three awards for achieving three different achievements. You can also include an extraordinary prize of the type “when I save 20,000 euros, I go for a fortnight of vacation to Cádiz”.

3. Use technology

Both Android and iOS there are countless apps designed to help you save. Some examples are Spendee or Spender , which record and classify your income and expenses with intuitive and highly graphical interfaces; or Arbor , which allows you to save the rounding of your purchases and even apply the 52 week method in your checking account.

There are others like Digit , which saves you small amounts of money to pay the bills; Qapital , ideal for freelancers who want to save on their day to day; or RetailMeNot , very useful to save if you usually use discount coupons.

In all cases, the goal is to save more and better in a more fun way and avoid falling into the laziness of having to deprive yourself of something so that at the end of the month you have managed not to spend 10 or 20% of your income. Save playing is funny!

How to direct traffic to your website

How to direct traffic to your site is a question that all marketers spend time contemplating. It’s natural because if you can not drive traffic and have no other method to direct those hordes of potential buyers to your website, surviving on the Internet will be difficult.

You will have noticed that it is a popular topic discussed frequently on the Internet, especially among online entrepreneurs who have online monetary goals to achieve. In other words, you have a website, your landing page is ready and your web form is connected to your autoresponder. Now you need visitors for your new website, but how do you do it?

Here are some useful ideas on how to drive traffic and market your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

For people who want to drive more traffic to their websites, it is vital that they know a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, search engine optimization is using keywords correctly to get your website, blog to rank higher or on the first pages of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc. Search engine optimization increases the ranking of your site’s page. In short, the more visible your site is, the greater the traffic generated by your site. SEO operates through keywords. Therefore, make sure that your keyword fits into the niche of your website.

Keep in mind that keywords vary in different search engines. That said, from time to time you can do an SEO analysis of your website or blog by using the SEO score. This helps you know if you are making progress or not.


Article Marketing

Article marketing makes your site more visible in search engines. This is also an effective way to make your website search engine friendly. It is very similar to writing and publishing on your blog. But, when writing articles, emphasis should be placed on the content of the article.



Backlinks are links that you leave on other sites (usually larger sites) that lead back to your landing page. When creating backlinks, you should check if the sites where you are going to publish your links are similar to yours or at least publish content about your niche. However, to post links, you will need the permission of the webmaster before or you can pay them to do it for you.


User experience

Another way to market your website is to make your website easy to navigate. Make sure your contact information is easy to find on your website. If not, potential customers may click to obtain information elsewhere. Also make sure you have a FAQ and review page, so visitors can get information if they are browsing your site. This helps answer queries when you are not available to answer them. In addition, a simple design is better than one that is full of links and ads ‘click here’.


Social media

Not all your traffic has to come from a search engine. If done correctly the social media can be a powerful tool to direct traffic to your site. You can build a community of followers who repeatedly visit your site and convert prospects into buyers. Social media can greatly improve SEO and help you with brand initiatives.

5 websites where you can learn new skills to undertake

No matter what stage your business is in, no one is an expert in all areas of entrepreneurship and does not have all the skills to undertake. It does not matter that the idea is yours and you have been putting your knowledge into practice for years.

Why not? We share an example:

Imagine that you studied baking and have been selling pies for five years on your own.

Although you never stop learning, we do not lie by saying you’re an expert at baking them, okay?

Now, if you decide to start your formal pastry business, you will not have any problems with the recipes or setting the prices; however, you will surely need help so that more people know you.

Why? Well, because for that you need a connoisseur of social media management, someone who, like you with confectionery, is an expert in social networks and helps you have a greater impact on social networks.

Now you see more clearly why we say that you can not be an expert in each of the areas of your business?

You have to know how to delegate responsibilities.

And although it is always good to surround yourself or hire people who are experts in what you do not, nothing prevents you from using trusted sites, managed by professionals, who can share knowledge.

In this sense, in this article we will mention five sites where you can learn new skills to undertake.

Believe us, quality information never left over.


This must be a must for all those who have a business.

The National Institute of the Entrepreneur is an organization whose mission is to support Mexican entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises.

They do this by promoting each project in national and international markets to increase their contribution to economic development.

Besides boosting national talent, they also have an entrepreneurial education blog in which they share advice with those in the same field.

The topics are very diverse, so they will be useful for novices and experts.

On the other hand, an important point to consider is that periodically they share dates of courses, conventions and calls at national level.

2. Forbes Mexico

One of the business and financial sites with the best reputation and greatest impact worldwide.

Within its site (we refer to the Spanish version) there is a whole category dedicated to entrepreneurs, where current events on this topic and their impact on the global economy are shared.

Forbes is ideal for entrepreneurs to identify areas of opportunity and read national and international opinion leaders.

If you want to know about the present and future of the “business world”, this page, which could well be defined as the “entrepreneur newspaper”, is what you were looking for.

In addition, something interesting is that it combines relevant content for Mexican entrepreneurs with a selection of the best articles in the portal in English, which of course are translated into Spanish.

3. On Startups

On this site you will have to put your English into practice, but believe me, it will be worth every word you read.

On Startups is a blog specialized in informing and advising young entrepreneurs to question their ideas.

A highlight of this site is the visual impact of its content, since the texts are always accompanied by graphics that enrich the learning.

4. Entrepreneur

A must when entrepreneurs is involved. This site provides a large number of articles ranging from tips for those seeking or are undertaking, to success stories and news.

One advantage is that it includes articles translated from English and other languages, so the range of content is very broad.

On the other hand, an aspect to be highlighted is the organization of its content, which is divided into these categories:

  • News
  • Startups
  • Business plan
  • Consultancy
  • Franchises
  • Technology

5. Merca2.0

Although it is not a site specialized in entrepreneurs, periodically articles are published that aim to help this sector.

Whether with specialized articles, success stories or interviews, who have a business and need to be aware of advice and experiences can go to Merca2.0

Tips from successful entrepreneurs:

Just as it is good to be on the lookout for sites that help you to know more about how to start, there are also a series of mistakes that you should avoid and in which usually fall those who believe that just put a company or business.

The 8 errors that impede your entrepreneurial success:

Ignore the consumer:

The comments of consumers can be read anywhere in the world thanks to social networks.

These tools can determine the success or failure of your business.

The recommendation is that you always attend to the suggestions and face the criticism that consumers will make about the service you provide or the product you sell.

Focus on the money:

Let’s be honest, money is very important in a business, but one thing is to give relevance and another centralize all your efforts in it.

The businesses that prosper for years are based on more than the monetary aspect.

Wait to change:

Surrounding yourself with talent that understands the essence of the business and constantly shares ideas for improvement can be the differentiator.

Do not wait for the competition to do it, this is a common mistake that leads many entrepreneurs to failure.

Believe that you know everything:

Relying on your knowledge of the subject you are mastering is a very serious mistake.

The preferences about a product or service change over time, as well as trends; You must know how to adapt to the new demands.

Do not delegate work:

To believe that nobody can do better than you is to “dig your own grave”, it is fundamental to trust the employees to perform the tasks.

A good step to start delegating is, in addition to hiring committed people, carry out training so that the objective of the company is clear at all levels.

Do not worry about communication:

This is the pillar of success. A miscommunicated business idea can lead to the failure of any entrepreneurial “adventure”.

The recommendation is to use an appropriate vocabulary that connects with consumers and transmits the values โ€‹โ€‹of the company.

Do not learn from other people’s mistakes:

Analyzing and observing the failures of the sector in which you are undertaking is also part of the strategy and is very valid.

Doing this will help you not to make the same mistakes and innovate.

Plan more:

It does not matter if you have already started or are about to do it, the ideal is to have a work plan defined, but it is also important to be able to continue planning and innovating on the fly.

How to improve the SEO of your website for beginners

It has become inevitable for all companies, regardless of their nature, size and scale, to have a strong online presence. Not only does it help them stay connected with their current and potential customers, it also opens a path for their growth. In addition, a strong online presence also helps to spread the name of a company. However, all this is possible only if the SEO game of the digital marketing team of a particular company is strong.

A weak presence online is usually the result of poor SEO practices. If you believe that your business lacks digital presence due to poor SEO, we have the solution for you. Here are some of the ways you can improve your business’s SEO and have a more impactful online presence:


Conduct an SEO audit
The first thing you have to do is perform an SEO audit. It will help you to have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of the SEO techniques you are applying. You will be able to know the flaws in the SEO game easily and apply effective techniques that will make your business website more discoverable. You can easily find an online SEO free inspector to conduct an SEO audit on your website.


Pay attention to the content
In short, your website is useless if there is no quality content in it. Content is one of the main driving factors of a website. Therefore, produce quality content that must force visitors to continue visiting your website. Use tactfully the keywords in the content in the appropriate frequency so that the ranking of the website can improve. Also, keep the content of your website updated on a regular basis.

One mistake that many people make here is that they only focus on the content of the text. It is important to keep in mind that images and videos are also included in the content category; therefore, attention must also be paid to its quality. They have the power to involve users in an effective way.


Improve page loading speed 
Since Internet users today have many options at their disposal, it would not take them much time to switch to an alternative if their website is taking too long to load. Therefore, one of the most effective SEO tips is to improve the loading speed of the page. It will not give any reason for a visitor to explore alternative options.


Explore the option to blog
Blogging offers numerous benefits, however, the most prominent among them is that it can help increase the traffic of your website. First, it offers the opportunity to use keywords effectively and tactfully. Second, you can help your visitors return to your website as long as you post quality content. When blogging, it is recommended to use outgoing links of authentic resources if you are using any claim in your text.

The list of effective ways to improve SEO is quite long. However, following the ones mentioned here, you will see a noticeable improvement in the ranking of your website in a fairly fast time.

The benefits of good web design

If you do not have a website in this day and age, then you have no advantage over your competitors. Instead, you are giving your competitors an advantage over you. Many people, whether young or old, use the Internet to search for a company or a particular product or store. The first impression of the website is very important, since it can literally be an important step to encourage customers to buy in your business or online store. In case your first design did not create a good first impression, you may have to reuse and redesign your site, check the reuse content for more information.

Therefore, it is very important and crucial to have a good web design for your company:

If you have a good web design, your website will appear in the results of a search engine. In general, it can be on the first page, depending on the type and type of website that you have created, the information it contains, etc. Potential customers will find your website easily and are more likely to find something they want to buy. Your website should be adaptable to different types of technology and smartphones. Adaptability means that more and more people will be able to access your website, increasing customers.

  • Having a good web design creates a brand identity. Having a consistent visual language has a more memorable impact on the client. This causes a client to return to your website again and again.
    Include on your website an aspect that makes customers want to stay on the website and get more information about the company or business. Add an attractive element such as the images of the products you offer, the categories, etc.
  • The content and design of the website must be complementary. If the design is too bright and the content is full of small writing blocks, many customers would not want to waste their time on that. Ads and excessive redirects on a website also discourage a client from even wanting to open and visit the website.
  • Polish your website. The size of the font, the color of the web page, the size of the writing. These things may not seem so important to the website. However, they can make a difference for a potential client to like or dislike your website. Be sure to include only the most important in your content so as not to confuse the client.
  • A good web design increases and improves its credibility in the eyes of a potential client. The website is a way to tell customers what you have, the type of products, the achievements of your brand, etc. Adding customer feedback is also a great idea since those comments can help attract other customers as well.

And what is more important, having a website guarantees that information about your business will reach all people around the world. This increases brand awareness and viral marketing can also be done!

The six best games to earn money on the internet

The six best games to earn money on the internet

Win € 20,000 or € 40,000 in a game, something that can happen to you just by betting € 1, is no nonsense. Below we inform you about the six most profitable Internet games so you can take good note.


At the time of writing these lines, the jackpot of this nice game of slots exceeds € 31,000. Enough to make a small bet and enjoy the adventures of Alice in the Land of Wonders, only that you can also get lined.

It is a game with four phases of Bonus. In the Major Minor phase your mission is to get the joker’s card; in the Bono Tea phase you will have to find the progressive pot between teapots and muffins; in the Bono de las Rosas phase your goal is to paint the roses before the queen appears; and in the Croquet Bonus phase you have to win your opponent, get an extra screen where … Well, better not make a spoiler ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tiki Temple

Another fabulous slot game, which takes place in the temple of the Tiki monkey, whose boat currently exceeds € 31,000. Enter the jungle and fight to get to the Bono phase. Your goal is to discard masks, which will give you coins as a reward. The good thing comes when you get a key: you appear on an extra screen in front of five red chests. Use your key and maybe you find the lucky boat.

The Island of Tiki Bote

This slot game is very similar to the previous one, set on a Caribbean island taken by pirates and with its funny monkey as the central character. There are two bonus phases in the game. The Globo Fish Bonus phase will take you to collect colored fish inside which the boat can be hidden. In the Cocos Bonus phase it is likely that one of the cocos that breaks Tiki contains the pot. A boat that now exceeds € 19,400 and continues to rise. Last month, he distributed a € 44,000 allowance.

There you are!

The game of pink boxes, it sounds to you, right? Of course. Not in vain is he who has given the most bulky online boats in Spain. How about intuition? It is time to prove it by choosing the boxes with the most value. You have twenty lines of bets and your objective is to play to the maximum.
To win the pot you must reach the bonus stage. That is where you will be given a box by surprise. Keep your nerves under control, because the value of that box can be the minimum (one cent) or the longed for progressive jackpot, which currently does not fall below € 15,500.

Classic Wilds Progressive

With a graphic environment that simulates a slot of the old, Classic Wilds Progressive wants to be a tribute to the first machines, physical and tangible, which began to operate in the market and today are a classic. Its operation is much simpler than that of its sophisticated replicas, but not at all emotion-free.

Also here your goal is to play at the most lines, which in this case are only three. Attention, because if you get three symbols of “Wild” appear in the third line you take the jackpot as well, without more. At this time, your prize would be € 8,200.

Duble Buble Bote

The game of bubbles. You have as mission to reach the Buble Pop Bono phase. When you arrive, blow one of the three soap bubbles and with a bit of luck you will take the progressive jackpot, which currently exceeds € 7,100 and continues to rise. Be very careful with slips and enjoy this attractive game.

If you’re thinking about having a fun time with a game of slots, while giving you the chance to get a succulent cash prize, you can use the promotional code Botemania to get different discounts and bonuses. Play to have fun and enjoy playing. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky and it rains a few thousand euros. Time to have fun!