5 websites where you can learn new skills to undertake

No matter what stage your business is in, no one is an expert in all areas of entrepreneurship and does not have all the skills to undertake. It does not matter that the idea is yours and you have been putting your knowledge into practice for years.

Why not? We share an example:

Imagine that you studied baking and have been selling pies for five years on your own.

Although you never stop learning, we do not lie by saying you’re an expert at baking them, okay?

Now, if you decide to start your formal pastry business, you will not have any problems with the recipes or setting the prices; however, you will surely need help so that more people know you.

Why? Well, because for that you need a connoisseur of social media management, someone who, like you with confectionery, is an expert in social networks and helps you have a greater impact on social networks.

Now you see more clearly why we say that you can not be an expert in each of the areas of your business?

You have to know how to delegate responsibilities.

And although it is always good to surround yourself or hire people who are experts in what you do not, nothing prevents you from using trusted sites, managed by professionals, who can share knowledge.

In this sense, in this article we will mention five sites where you can learn new skills to undertake.

Believe us, quality information never left over.


This must be a must for all those who have a business.

The National Institute of the Entrepreneur is an organization whose mission is to support Mexican entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises.

They do this by promoting each project in national and international markets to increase their contribution to economic development.

Besides boosting national talent, they also have an entrepreneurial education blog in which they share advice with those in the same field.

The topics are very diverse, so they will be useful for novices and experts.

On the other hand, an important point to consider is that periodically they share dates of courses, conventions and calls at national level.

2. Forbes Mexico

One of the business and financial sites with the best reputation and greatest impact worldwide.

Within its site (we refer to the Spanish version) there is a whole category dedicated to entrepreneurs, where current events on this topic and their impact on the global economy are shared.

Forbes is ideal for entrepreneurs to identify areas of opportunity and read national and international opinion leaders.

If you want to know about the present and future of the “business world”, this page, which could well be defined as the “entrepreneur newspaper”, is what you were looking for.

In addition, something interesting is that it combines relevant content for Mexican entrepreneurs with a selection of the best articles in the portal in English, which of course are translated into Spanish.

3. On Startups

On this site you will have to put your English into practice, but believe me, it will be worth every word you read.

On Startups is a blog specialized in informing and advising young entrepreneurs to question their ideas.

A highlight of this site is the visual impact of its content, since the texts are always accompanied by graphics that enrich the learning.

4. Entrepreneur

A must when entrepreneurs is involved. This site provides a large number of articles ranging from tips for those seeking or are undertaking, to success stories and news.

One advantage is that it includes articles translated from English and other languages, so the range of content is very broad.

On the other hand, an aspect to be highlighted is the organization of its content, which is divided into these categories:

  • News
  • Startups
  • Business plan
  • Consultancy
  • Franchises
  • Technology

5. Merca2.0

Although it is not a site specialized in entrepreneurs, periodically articles are published that aim to help this sector.

Whether with specialized articles, success stories or interviews, who have a business and need to be aware of advice and experiences can go to Merca2.0

Tips from successful entrepreneurs:

Just as it is good to be on the lookout for sites that help you to know more about how to start, there are also a series of mistakes that you should avoid and in which usually fall those who believe that just put a company or business.

The 8 errors that impede your entrepreneurial success:

Ignore the consumer:

The comments of consumers can be read anywhere in the world thanks to social networks.

These tools can determine the success or failure of your business.

The recommendation is that you always attend to the suggestions and face the criticism that consumers will make about the service you provide or the product you sell.

Focus on the money:

Let’s be honest, money is very important in a business, but one thing is to give relevance and another centralize all your efforts in it.

The businesses that prosper for years are based on more than the monetary aspect.

Wait to change:

Surrounding yourself with talent that understands the essence of the business and constantly shares ideas for improvement can be the differentiator.

Do not wait for the competition to do it, this is a common mistake that leads many entrepreneurs to failure.

Believe that you know everything:

Relying on your knowledge of the subject you are mastering is a very serious mistake.

The preferences about a product or service change over time, as well as trends; You must know how to adapt to the new demands.

Do not delegate work:

To believe that nobody can do better than you is to “dig your own grave”, it is fundamental to trust the employees to perform the tasks.

A good step to start delegating is, in addition to hiring committed people, carry out training so that the objective of the company is clear at all levels.

Do not worry about communication:

This is the pillar of success. A miscommunicated business idea can lead to the failure of any entrepreneurial “adventure”.

The recommendation is to use an appropriate vocabulary that connects with consumers and transmits the values ​​of the company.

Do not learn from other people’s mistakes:

Analyzing and observing the failures of the sector in which you are undertaking is also part of the strategy and is very valid.

Doing this will help you not to make the same mistakes and innovate.

Plan more:

It does not matter if you have already started or are about to do it, the ideal is to have a work plan defined, but it is also important to be able to continue planning and innovating on the fly.