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As an entrepreneur you get a lot to do with financial issues. This way you make a lot of profit in some periods, while in other periods you make a loss. At these times it is sometimes necessary for a financial incentive to enter the company. Or you have expansion plans that you want to finance. As an entrepreneur, you can arrange this yourself by applying for a business loan at the bank. Banks do not lend their money just like that. To get a business credit, you must have a good plan and meet certain conditions.

Do you want advice before you take out a business loan? Then come to BusinessSis for a free consultation. We will support you so that you can take out a business loan and invest it in your company.

What exactly is a business loan?


The principle of a business loan is simple: you borrow money and pay it back at an interest rate. It is a money loan that you as an entrepreneur invest in your company. The money can be used in various ways. For example, you can invest it in the renovation of your business premises or use it to buy a company car. You usually apply for a business loan if you know that you do not have enough money available in the short term to carry out the desired improvement of your company.

A customized business loan

A customized business loan

As an entrepreneur you can get a business loan at various banks. However, interest rates are not the same everywhere. The purpose of the loan can also influence the loan. You actually want a customized loan. A loan that exactly matches your wishes and your company.

By entering into a dialogue with BusinessSis, you can realize a customized loan. We have conversations with you, and with the bank, to come to the most suitable loan together. This way the credit fits the purpose exactly.

What else should I think about?

In addition to the interest rate, the following matters are relevant when applying for business credit:

  • Is the interest fixed?
  • From which investment is the loan available?
  • Can I also take out the loan as a starter?
  • What product conditions are there (even more)?
  • Is there a guarantee / collateral?

When taking out a loan, it is useful if you have the annual figures for the past two years at your disposal. Take this with you to your appointment with us, or prepare it when we visit you.

Who can apply for a business credit?

Who can apply for a business credit?

A business loan can be applied for by almost all companies established in the Netherlands with a valid Chamber of Commerce number:

  • sole traders
  • partnership
  • partnership
  • private company
  • limited partnership

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