Online credit platform: agility and practicality for everyone

Have you ever imagined having a platform for quickly, conveniently and efficiently managing payroll loans for your employees, offering these benefits as lower interest rates? With the Credit Sheet app this is possible. Stay with us and learn a little more about this online credit management software and how it can optimize your organization’s human resources activities.

Understand What Payroll Credit Is !

Good Finance: agility and practicality for your company’s HR


Say goodbye to the notepads that used to be on your desk taking up a lot of space. And here for us, who likes to accumulate pounds of paper and analyze them, sheet by sheet? In addition to spending time, and spending time on it, your business uses up financial resources, as payroll is also a cost material. Best of all, it is an application that contributes, in a way, to the preservation of the environment, considering the fact that it enables all credit management to be done without the use of collateral such as sheets.

It has to be borne in mind that the world has changed and with it new management practices have emerged, thanks to technological and computer development, enabling organizations to make their processes more efficient. What is the case of the Credit Sheet application. In addition to enabling you to perform all credit management for your employee online, Good Finance has several resources to make the process more agile and practical, and at no cost to the organization.

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Get to know some of the main differentials of Good Finance


In Good Finance you have the possibility to perform proposal simulation online. From this feature, one can easily know how much credit was released to the employee online, based on a controlled payroll margin, the number of installments to be paid and the amount to be deducted from the applicant’s payroll. Want something simpler and more responsive than that?

This is a resource that benefits both company and employee HR, who no longer have to face the bureaucracy that is often found in banks, often having to go to work to solve it. In addition to this differential, we can also highlight the possibility of generating management reports showing the credits granted to employees.

In addition to this, it is also possible to manage directly from the platform the transfers made to the bank that granted the employee credit and with which the company has an agreement. The organization can consult at any time and whenever it wishes the transfer made, and can be accountable in the future.