Save playing: gamification at the service of your economy

Image result for gamificationSave playing: gamification at the service of your economy

They say that to save, it is enough not to spend more than what is paid . The problem is that something as simple as adapting the level of expenses to your income ends up being a chimera for millions of people who can not save anything. To solve this problem, let’s play. Yes, you read correctly: let’s save playing .

When we convert an activity into a game with the aim of improving the results in it, we are practicing gamification . In other words, gamification consists of using mechanisms related to the environment of the games to increase motivation and achieve more positive results .

Although it seems convoluted, moving this concept to savings is very easy. There are several guidelines that you can adopt to save playing and in this way use gamification as a tool at the service of your domestic economy. Let’s see some examples.

Fun examples to save playing

1. Set simple goals.

Many people who want to save set goals like “I want to save 10,000 euros in two years” or “I want to save 200,000 euros for my retirement”. The problem is that these goals are difficult to quantify on a day-to-day basis. For example, to save 200,000 euros in 35 years, how much should you save each day? Or every week?

It is easier to set a simple goal that serves as an intermediate way to reach a much more complex goal. For example, “I will make a transfer of 15 euros each week to my savings account” . That would generate a saving of 780 euros per year. Or you can use the 52 week challenge to save almost 1,400 euros in the year.

With easy goals to quantify, motivation is greater, so saving is easier.

2. Reward your achievements.

Another option to increase your motivation by saving is to reward yourself when you achieve certain achievements . For example, “when I finish the 52-week challenge, I’ll go to a rural house with my partner for a weekend.” Or “when I save 2,000 euros I will buy those shoes that I like so much”.

Ideally, throughout the year you can enjoy at least three awards for achieving three different achievements. You can also include an extraordinary prize of the type “when I save 20,000 euros, I go for a fortnight of vacation to Cádiz”.

3. Use technology

Both Android and iOS there are countless apps designed to help you save. Some examples are Spendee or Spender , which record and classify your income and expenses with intuitive and highly graphical interfaces; or Arbor , which allows you to save the rounding of your purchases and even apply the 52 week method in your checking account.

There are others like Digit , which saves you small amounts of money to pay the bills; Qapital , ideal for freelancers who want to save on their day to day; or RetailMeNot , very useful to save if you usually use discount coupons.

In all cases, the goal is to save more and better in a more fun way and avoid falling into the laziness of having to deprive yourself of something so that at the end of the month you have managed not to spend 10 or 20% of your income. Save playing is funny!