Social network services

A social network is a structure where a group of people can interconnect from anywhere in the world to communicate and share tastes and activities.

The amount of social networks increases over time, and is that each offers a set of services that facilitate the lives of users.

Social network services can be viewed in two ways: social network services integrated into platforms and social network services oriented to platforms.

Social network services provided by the social networks themselves

There are different types of social networks dedicated to different kinds of people, and which provide services that may be similar or very different. Among the most famous social networks that have been gaining importance over the years can be mentioned Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The most famous and visited are those that provide entertainment and communication services, with Facebook in the lead. Among the integrated services of this type of social networks are:

  • Publication of photos and videos.
  • Communication link in real time.
  • Ability to share stories and publications.
  • Entertainment applications.
  • Online games.

Social network services provided by other platforms

The other types of social network services are not provided by the same platforms in an integrated manner, but are offered by third-party platforms, with the aim of improving the social network experience in all its areas.

It is easier to see this type of services aimed at social networks of entertainment and advertising, as they allow us to highlight our presence in networks more easily.

Among these services we can highlight those provided by LosFamos, which is a platform that gives us the possibility to make us notice more through the other networks. Among the social networks services of LosFamos are:

  • Acquisition of followers.
  • Acquisition of reactions ( likes or “I like”).
  • Increase of reproductions of shared videos.

The integrity of these services has been the subject of debate, because many consider it cheating or foul play; but in reality it can be considered as a marketing strategy if these services are used for the popularization of a product or a virtual store.

Many of those who acquire these services do so because they want to be noticed quickly to sell their products or their brands, and there is no faster way than with these services. Trying to get noticed through the networks could take months, while the services offered by can be achieved in just weeks or even days.

It is totally legal to acquire this type of services, and it is safe to acquire them on the LosFamos platform. So, if you want to get out in the first rows of user searches, you could buy this type of services without thinking too much.